What I Like To Eat!

By Shari Black Velvet

I'm one of the pickiest eaters ever. Even before I stopped eating meat 20 years ago I was picky when it came to food and drink. There's so much I just don't like. I can tell by looking at something usually whether I'll like it or not. My most hated food happens to be rice (even though it's vegan) - there's just something about it. It reminds me of dead maggots! And every time I go on a flight and request a vegan meal guess what I am given? Rice! Arggghhhhh!! You'd think the only thing ever made for vegans was rice! But anyway, since a lot of non-vegans or meat eaters often don't realise how much vegan food is on offer, or what we actually eat (many think we live on fruit and veg!) I figured I'd post a few of my photos of some of the food items I like to eat.

The first couple are ads I designed for the fun of it.


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