In May we visited Houston for the first time. Prior to the trip obviously we did some googling to see what cool places the city had to offer. Two of them stood out – Sinfull Bakery and Pat Greer’s Yaya’s Raw Rah Kitchen. Both naturally are vegan. Sinfull Bakery sells cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, loafs, cookies, muffins, pies and more while a trip to Pat Greer’s Yaya’s Raw Rah Kitchen can find you purchasing garden burgers, veggie lasagne, pizza bella, pies and kombucha. So one of the first things we did was to make a trip to Pat’s Kitchen – where we also met up with Brittany of Sinfull Bakery. Pat and Brittany are good friends. We tried their awesome dishes  – and got them both to tell us a little bit more about themselves and their vegan companies. If you're ever in Texas make sure you seek both out... you'll be glad you did.




Shari Black Velvet: How did you get to know each other?
Brittany Carnes: Pat and I met via Farmers’ Markets that we both participate in, and it was love at first taste.
Pat Greer: Food is a wonderful magnet!

SBV: When did you originally discover vegan food and what made you each decide to start your own vegan food company?
BC: I’ve been vegetarian since age 11. A few years later at 15, I simultaneously worked at a veterinarian’s office and developed allergies to dairy. It was a no-brainer.
PG: 1999. I am excessive and compulsive... making too much of what I liked to eat pushed me into giving away and then selling my extras.

SBV: Are there many vegans and vegetarians in Houston?
PG: Yes.
BC: As Houston is now the 3rd largest city in the country (we just surpassed Chicago in population), there are many vegans here. Although, very spread out, because the city is 500 square miles.

SBV: Do you get many tourists/out of town people coming (like me) and wanting to try your vegan food?
PG: We do get a lot of out-of-towners searching the web for vegan food.
BC: I field a lot of calls from out-of-town folk who’ve seen the Sinfull cinnamon roll video on youtube, wanting to know if where they can find us when they’re in town.

SBV:Do you think you’ve awakened many non-vegans to good vegan food?
BC: Absolutely. Because of the decadence factor in Sinfull products, I consider it a segue food for non-vegans.

SBV: Brittany – you once interned at a well-known bakery in Portland, OR, and also travelled for two years. Why did you decide to return to Houston and open Sinfull Bakery in Houston, rather than anywhere else?
BC: I’d originally wanted to begin in Austin, but my research uncovered that Houston had not one vegan bakery. The need is greater here. And since I’m from Houston, it made more since to start here.

SBV: Pat – your kitchen is the only vegan kitchen in the inner loop of Houston. There don’t seem to be too many 100% vegan food outlets in the inner loop of Houston. Why do you think that is?
PG: The word ‘vegan’ scares folks down here in the South! Funny when simple meets radical?! We use the words 'plant based foods' and it confuses folks long enough that they will have a few bites and then see the light.

SBV: Pat - Your kitchen is takeaway only. Would you like to eventually expand and have a sit-in restaurant? What are the pros and cons with having a takeaway business only?
PG: Sure. We are in a residential area so folks are a little confused. Most people want to sit and enjoy a meal with a loved one. We bought the building we are in for a manufacturing facility thinking that was the best investment we could make - DUH! It cost a fortune to refurb and 9 months to open.

SBV: You also are available to cater for events. What’s been the coolest event you’ve catered for?
PG: Hmm, the coolest was pulling off an event for a cardiologist here in Houston that required sack lunches for 400 people and seated dinner for 25... with 1.5 days notice. That was cool!

SBV: Brittany – you sell by mail order/delivery, plus have items on sale in 23 grocery stores and some coffee shops. Which are your best sellers out of everything?
BC: Honestly, we’re very lucky - they all sell equally well.

SBV: Brittany – how hard or easy is it to get your products into new stores or other outlets? How do you go about doing that?
BC: It’s easy. Samples sell. Once coffee shop owners taste Sinfull’s delights, they’re sold.

SBV: How many employees do you each have?
BC: Sinfull Bakery has 7.
PG: 7 plus 2 volunteers.

SBV: What creations are you each most proud of?
PG: Like my children I am proud of all of my creations. Pizza Bella, Garden Burger, Texas Pecan Pie, German Chocolate Pi, Pesto Part Geez are all fun, delicious, and easy on the body, mind, and soul.
BC: Our Kolaches are killer! No-one else has vegan kolaches.

SBV: What’s the most challenging part of your job?
PG: Marketing.
BC: The constant lack of sleep.

SBV: Brittany – your bakery is Sinfull Bakery as your food is sinful (and you get full when you eat lots). What is the healthiest item you have on sale? Anything that people on a diet might be able to have?
BC: Our Apple Carrot Flax Multi-Grain Muffin.

SBV: Most people have an addiction of some kind – some to food. Many people are addicted to processed foods, while people who eat meat and dairy often don’t want to give up it. Why should people that haven’t tried vegan food, or raw vegan food, try it?
PG: Because they CAN! We have a HUGE medical centre right down the street, seems like eating Our food might be an alternative to it.
BC: All of my answers you will find in one place: see the documentary film FORKS OVER KNIVES.

SBV: What addictions do YOU have? What vegan food can’t you get enough of?
PG: Food, work, creating. Chocolate!
BC: Um… I’m eating raw mushrooms at this very moment. Pretty much every time you see me eating, some type of mushroom is involved.

SBV: Finally, what plans do you each have for your vegan business?
PG: We are in a transition period right now, so I cannot answer the question.
BC: Sinfull’s been in business for just over a year now. We’re currently in the expansion phase. By November of this year, we should be in a larger bake house, catapulting us into the national market.

Visit Sinfull Bakery at - you can order cookies, scones, sweet breads, cupcakes and more online if Sinfull Bakery products are not on sale near you.

Visit Pat Greer’s Kitchen at - and look for Pat's food in My Fit Foods too.



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