Derma V10 is a brand of beauty items with the slogan 'Love yourself for less'. You can find their products is stores such as Savers, Poundland or a variety of other high street stores, as well as online at We recently got in touch with the manufacturers, Heathpoint Ltd, to check if they were vegan, and found out that they have quite a number of vegan products. Below are a few that we have recently tried - and loved.


Derma V10's Body Butter is an absolute bargain at only 99p from FragranceDirect and £1 in Pound Shops. You get a large tub of rich and luxuriously creamy body butter. It has a gorgeous fragrance and does a great job at moisturising and softening the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and fresh. The body butter comes in a range of flavours - from coconut to cherry & macadamia.


One of Derma V10's newer items, these shower jellies instantly look fun! The packaging is cute and they make a nice change to showering or bathing from just using soap, shower gel or creme. You can choose either lemon or strawberry jelly - and they both smell so good you may almost want to eat them! Don't though! They do a great job cleaning away dirt and odours, leaving you smelling clean and sweet. We will definitely be stocking up on these as they look great and work great - and are cheap too!


Some micellar waters are quite pricey, but this Derma V10 micellar cleansing water is another bargain at only 99p. And it does an amazing job at wiping off make-up and cleansing the skin. This is proof that you don't always need to pay more for a good quality product. You will be amazed at how good a job this micellar water does. It includes Pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E and the bottle says 'suitable for vegans' and 'against animal testing'. It is also alcohol free, fragrance free and paraben free. From now on, Derma V10 micellar water is going to be our staple 'go to' product for wiping off make-up and face cleansing.


If you have any scars, stretch marks or blemishes then Derma V10's Rescue Oil is for you. Another £1 product - if you get it from a Pound shop, although can be slightly more in stores such as B&M. I tried this on a couple of scars - one on my leg from and a burn on my arm - and after using this rescue oil, both have completely vanished! This is like magic in a bottle! It's also good for moisturising and can help dry and aging skin.


Been standing up all day? Or walked for miles? Then pamper your feet with Derma V10's deep moisturising foot pack. And yes, it's another bargain at around the £1 mark. This argan oil pack features two 'sock'-like items that you put your feet it, which are enriched with Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E. You keep the 'socks' on for 20 minutes (or longer, if you want - I kept them on for close to an hour!) and they moisturise your feet, leaving them relaxed, refreshed, smooth and renewed. We re-used them again the next night, for round number 2! Your feet will definitely love you if you treat them to one of these foot masks.

For more info on Derma V10, head to their Facebook page at or visit



Vegan guacamole is relatively hard to come by - or at least, it was until Holy Moly was born. Holy Moly is a brand of all-natural, gluten-free, vegan dips currently found online in Ocado or in Waitrose and Whole Foods Market. These are super-tasty. If you're like us, once you've opened a packet, you won't be able to stop eating it until the pack's empty and you've licked the container clean! Although that is just as well as it does say 'Once open, consume immediately' - and we are very happy to oblige! Holy Moly comes as either a pure, smashed avocado dip, or guacamole - which has two flavours - the 'Saintly Original' flavour and the 'Devilishly Hot' flavour. Devilishly Hot is hot, but not too hot, while Saintly Original is more subtle, but equally as nice. All three are exceedingly yum. The back of the packaging says 'Worship the Dip' and now we've tried Holy Moly, we definitely do. Check their website out at



We were excited to try the new Food Heaven Cafe Soy Iced Latte recently when we spotted it on sale in Morrisons. Although we're not a huge coffee or latte drinker, this Cafe Soy is totally yum and we're now in complete food (or drink) heaven and a new convert. It's not too sweet, but sweet enough, and creamy and smooth. The coffee flavour is nice, but not overpowering. The drink includes vitamins B2 and B12, so if you're worried about getting enough B12, here's another way to get some. At £1.52 for a 1 litre carton, it's just the right price. The brand Food Heaven (who are all about dairy-free enjoyment) have also recently introduced some coconut oil portions to their range (which also includes delicious cheesecakes), for frying and baking, and have been giving away some free water bottles for fruit infused drinks recently. Like their Facebook page over at to be in with a chance to win a free water bottle in the future. In the meantime, grab some Cafe Soy next time you're near Morrisons - and hopefully it will get in other stores soon. We'd love to see this in every store. If you're on Instagram follow them at @instafoodheaven.



We've been a fan of Dead Sea Spa Magik for a number of years, ever since spotting them on GoodnessDirect's website and seeing 'vegan' highlighted underneath their products.Their whole range isn't ALL vegan, but a lot of it is. They are also not tested on animals. They have a whole range of products - everything from facial wash and toothpaste to salt brushing sea salts and face cream. Their Diamond Range is Dead Sea Spa Magik's venture into the anti-aging market. The range has been out for a while although as we've only just tried it, we thought we'd give it a mention on here. Over the past few weeks we've been trying the Age Response Eye Cream, the 24hr Marine Miracle Moisturiser and the Beauty Balm/BB Cream. The miracle moisturiser can be used as both day or night cream. It's quite rich and similar in texture to Dead Sea Spa Magik's Super Night Cream, a product that we've previously used. It does a good job moisturising although we haven't really noticed any anti-aging results. If you're looking for a hydrating and moisturising cream though, this is a good one.

The Age Response Eye Cream is said to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The most noticeable result was when I put some on one eye one night before bed, to wake up and find the skin under that eye looking much smoother than the other eye, which had had no cream on it. Putting on the cream is like quenching your skin's thirst, so it looks relaxed and young for a while, but then if you miss a day or two of using the eye cream, the skin can soon return to looking dry, tired and thirsty again, so daily top ups are recommended. It is a decent eye cream and the price is also not bad. I've used more expensive eye creams that gave similar results.

Finally, the BB Cream is one of Dead Sea Spa Magik's few cosmetic items. This BB cream does a good job covering imperfections and makes a nice base for powder, giving a flawless finished look - although you don't necessarily need powder on top if you don't want it. The natural BB Cream adapts to your skin colour so you shouldn't find it too dark or too light - although if you're someone who does prefer a tint, Dead Sea Spa Magik have a CC Cream which has a light tint instead. I like this BB Cream although it's not the cheapest BB Cream. It has an SPF15 so good to wear on sunny days. As with Dead Sea Spa Magik's products, it contains no parabens and skin irritants and is ideal for sensitive skin.

You can find Dead Sea Spa Magik in Holland & Barrett as well as in online stores and their own 'virtual spa department store', Shop For Spa. The only disappointment is that the packaging doesn't say 'suitable for vegans' or 'not tested on animals' on it so you have to check the ingredients or website.

Below - me, with Dead Sea Spa Magik's BB Cream on (I do have powder and primer on top too, to give a matt finish).



More Than Meat is a new UK plant based food range made by Plantalicious, boasting 'revolutionary health food'. Based in London, the More Than Meat range features jumbo sausage rolls, lamb casseroles, beef burgers, jerk burgers and lorne sausages - all vegan! More Than Meat began with Plantalicious owner Barry being a street food vendor but the company are expanding with their products now appearing in various vegan stores and available to order online. We love that they have products like lorne sausages, which are traditional in Scotland, but lesser known in England. We haven't heard of any other vegan lorne sausages, so More Than Meat's are a first. Lorne sausages are square/rectangular shaped sausages and make a change from the usual intestine sausage shape.

It's hard to pick a favourite from More Than Meat's range but their Jumbo Sausage roll is up there. It has thin crispy pastry, lots of vegan 'meat', which almost bursts out of each end. It's very filling with a tangy tomato-y taste. (I ate it before getting a good pic as it was that enticing!)

More Than Meat's jerk and beef burgers are both thick and meaty, with a chewy meaty taste without being too offputting. They're not overly large, width-wise, so they don't end up splaying over the edges of your bun. With barbecue season coming up, these are perfect for grilling, and meat eaters will love them as much as vegans/veggies.

The 'More Than Lamb Casserole' smells meaty and has a slight spicy taste with lots of giant beans in it. Again, it looks very meaty, but is tasty for vegans and vegetarians. The casserole is enough for 2 servings and as with all of More Than Meat's products (except the sausage rolls) comes in a plastic container (which can then be reused, if you peel the labelling off).

More Than Meat's range is low fat. There's only 1.2g of fat in a beefburger, making them a very healthy choice. If you love junk food but don't want to pile on the weight, these are perfect - a way to eat what you love, while retaining that physique! The lamb casserole, likewise, only has 1.3g of fat in it and is low in sugar and salt, and have no cholesterol. More Than Meat's products are high in protein, they also contain vitamin B12. All in all, they are a vegan's dream come true!

For more info. visit or find them on Facebook at If you're in certain areas of London, you qualify for free delivery. Get some now!





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