Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday is a new concept aimed to cut down the world’s meat consumption. Initially launched on June 15th 2009 Meat Free Monday follows the torch set by the Belgian town of Ghent that introduced a meat free day into its calendar a month earlier. Ghent’s day is Thursday and restaurants all guarantee a vegetarian meal on their menu on a Thursday with some being fully vegetarian on that day. Schools also will be providing a meat free menu on Thursday.

Paul McCartney then backed the meat-free day idea in the UK and now you can find sites such as and promoting a veggie day in the UK. McCartney even sings a special Meat Free Monday song for the occasion, while other celebrities such as Joanna Lumley and Laura Bailey have given their approval too.

Going meat free for one day – or even completely – helps humans, animals and the planet. Meat production is one of the largest causes of climate change, gasses giving off more emissions than even transport. At the same time meat production is less economical and people-friendly than that of vegetarian food production. And we all know how cruel it is to the animals involved. I mean, would you like to be bred just to die? Eating meat is now showing to be a factor of many health problems – from cancer to heart disease, diabetes and strokes. When you think about it logically, is there really any reason to eat meat? There are no points in its favour!

Some argue that meat ‘tastes good’ – but now there is so much vegetarian and vegan food that you can virtually get any meat dish as a veg*n alternative. You can get fake bacon, veggie burgers, veggie sausages, tofurkey, even veggie steak. Most of these taste as good if not better than the meat-based versions. With shops like Holland & Barrett in almost every town it’s easy to find great meat free food. Even supermarkets sell a lot these days.
Save A Scream wondered what the general public thought of the concept of Meat Free Monday. Andrew Morris, a vegetarian from Whitchurch, Shropshire said “It’s a good idea. If people cut down the demand for meat then there are less cows around and less greenhouse emissions which are a big deal at the moment.” Redditch meat eater Mark Evans said, "Meat Free Monday is an excellent idea and as a non veggie I'll be doing my bit to help support - i.e. giving it a go myself - and I hope other readers will too. It's a small step but little by little we can help make a change". Outside of the UK, even folk in the US are liking the idea. Marty Jackson from Northridge, California, said "Meat free Mondays are a great way to start off your week. Why consume something so heavy that's going to slow you down at the beginning of the week? Kick-start your week with only vegetarian meals and have more energy. Plus, you're helping animals, the environment, and your own health. And if it leads to Meat free Tuesdays as well, all the better!"

If you eat meat, why don’t you try it? It doesn’t even have to be Monday. The idea is just to go one day a week without meat (or one more than you go without it already). If you know for example that you always eat a meat pie on Wednesday, why not make Wednesday a meat free day? If you find a veggie-meat pie you probably won’t even tell the difference. By cutting down that little bit more, you’ll help animals, the planet and yourself. You know it makes sense.