13th Note - David Disbrowe

Action For Animals - Amanda Schemkes

AFI - Davey Havok

An Ocean Between Us - Daniele Amato

Boy Of The AfterThought - Aaron John

Bute Island Foods

Calico Dragon Bags - Candy Brown

The Captive Animals Protection Society

Cherri Bomb - Nia Lovelis

Cobra Starship - Alex Suarez

Coy Koehler

Crazy Arm - Darren Johns

The Dangerfields - Jamie Delerict

The Dead Stars On Hollywood - Kneel Cohn

Debbie Leigh Driver

Devilish Presley

The Dogbones - Nomi Leonard

The Dollyrots - Kelly Ogden

The Donots

Earth Crisis - Dennis Merrick

Ethical WARES - Mike Newman

Farewell, My Love

The Faded - Gene Blalock

Freedom Mallows - Louise Mark

Funeral For A Friend - Matthew Davies

Ghostfire - Andii

Goo Goo Dolls - Mike Malinin

Greyhound Action

Handmade Vegan Chocolates

Hellhound Hotdogs - Justin Ryan

Hi-Deaf - Ryan Wilson

Hillside Animal Sanctuary - Wendy Valentine

The Idol Dead - Polly Phluid

Ilse Baca

Jet Pack - Dennis Cook

Killswitch Engage - Mike D'Antonio


Kyle Vincent

Leyla Fahada

Live Native

Louise Wallis

Lynam - Jacob Bunton

Madina Lake - Dan Torelli

Maniac - Shawn Harris

Manic Panic

Mansize - Anya Pulver

Mark Hawthorne

The Material - Roi Elam

Mayday Parade - Derek Sanders

Meggan Anderson

Mia Klose

Michael Day

Midlands Vegan Campaigns - Kevin White

Mike TV - Jhon Cosgrove

Ms. Cupcake - Mellissa Morgan

Natural Balance Foods - Jamie Combs

Nature's Boutique - Carrina Rowe

Oh No Not Stereo - Skyler Nielsen

Pieces Of Beth - Phil Griffiths


Sinfull Bakery & Pat Greer's Raw Vegan Kitchen

Shannon Keith

Share Ross - The Lovestains / Rock N' Roll TV

Silver Snakes - Alex Estrada

Twin Atlantic

Vegan Black Metal Chef

The Vegan Society - Rosamund Raha

Whisperwood - Eric Minella

Xander And The Peace Pirates

Yearbook - Andrew Ian Holloway

Young Runaways - Harriet J. Woodcock

Zico Chain - Paul Frost








































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