World Day for Animals in Laboratories – April 29, 2017

By Shari Black Velvet


Birmingham city centre was the location for 2017's World Day for Animals in Laboratories march and rally on Saturday, April 29th, hosted by Birmingham Animal Action. Everyone met at Park Gardens, just behind Hotel La Tour, close to Moor Street Station. Jennifer D'Netto gave the opening speech before handing the mic to Jessamy Korotoga from Animal Aid, who gave a speech on why mice matter, and then Jon Curtin gave an inspiring speech, which urged the activists to keep things positive during the march to win more support. He gave some good news, that Debbie Vincent had been released, and Mel Broughton was in attendance, and told an amusing tale about some mice on his boat eating his food, but also recounted how animal testers sadistically abuse the animals in laboratories. The march kicked off around 1.30pm, heading up Bull Street to the British Heart Foundation, a charity who fund animal testing. The march stopped on the road blocking traffic in all directions, with a speech from the British Heartless Foundation, the organisation that exposes the British Heartless Foundation for torturing animals with public funding. During the march, activists chanted different slogans including how animals feel pain just like us, animals love their babies just like us, animals deserve respect just like us, animals hate cages just like us. There were another couple of speeches on the route, including one outside the offices of Skanka, the firm responsible for building the new AstraZeneca animal lab in Cambridge, by Aran from the Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning campaign, and then a speech by John Lord of Northern Animal Welfare Co-operative outside Cancer Research UK. Many shoppers stood, watched and filmed the demonstration on Corporation Street. The march went down part of New Street and the High Street, back to Park Street Gardens, where there were then a couple more speeches, including one from Hannah McDonald of Animal Justice Project and one from activist Ronnie Lee. A two minutes silence was held in memory of the animals.



If you love animals and are against animal testing, join next year's World Day for Animals in Laboratories march, which will be in Newcastle (transport often goes from around the country so check the WDAIL 2018 Facebook page), avoid using products tested on animals, and support humane testing funding by the likes of Dr. Hadwen Trust and the Humane Trust.

Visit for more information on how British Heart Foundation fund animal research.

Animal Aid can be found at while the Animal Justive Project's website is at

Northern Animal Welfare Co-operative are at while the Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning campaign can be found at





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