World Day for Animals in Laboratories – April 25, 2015

By Shari Black Velvet


2015's World Day for Animals in Laboratories march and rally was held in Cambridge - to protest against animal experiments at Cambridge University and AstraZeneca's new £330 million headquarters on the Biomedical Campus. The University and animal research company use cruel tests that torture a range of animals to find their 'effects on people' (um, hello, how about you use people, or better still, advanced humane research methods instead, to find more accurate results?). Hundreds of compassionate activists came from around the country to march around Cambridge's streets which went past the University itself. Hundreds of anti-vivisection leaflets were given out to city shoppers and inhabitants. Speakers ranged from legendary veteran activists Joan Court (she's in her 90s and still a big activist - order Joan's book The Bunny Hugging Activist from Animal Aid or VIVA!) and John Curtin to the new inspirations Phoebe and Jane Frampton (who were featured on BBCThree's Fighting The System documentary). Kevin White gave a more Green Party leaning speech while the British Heartless Foundation spoke about how the British Heart Foundation fund animal research. Following the national march, some activists went to the British Heart Foundation store and protested outside.

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