World Day for Animals in Laboratories – April 27, 2013

By Shari Black Velvet


On Saturday April 27th, compassionate folk embarked on the city of Oxford for the annual World Day For Animals In Laboratories march and rally. Animal testing has been in the news more recently with the EU ban of animal testing for cosmetics in Europe finally coming into place. Although this is just in Europe, not the whole world, and animal testing still sadly takes place on a daily basis with millions of animals (from mice and rats to cats, monkeys and dogs) being tortured and killed. In the UK, animals are abused in specialist laboratories as well as in Universities. Oxford University built an animal testing laboratory a couple of years ago, so Oxford was chosen for this year's WDAIL event.

Speeches kicked off at 12.45pm. These included Albert from SPEAK campaigns, Dr. Matthew Simpson, Jeanette McClunan of Stop Wickham Animal Testing, Adrian Stallwood of Animal Aid and Erica and Lisa from Save The Harlan Beagles, with Wendy singing an animal rights song before the march began. The weather was a mixture of sun and rain, on and off. No doubt someone above was smiling and shining that so many caring people were standing up and making a mark - but at the same time crying at the thought of the animals that are abused in the labs.





The march then set off with the official Justice For The Animals WDAIL banner at the front - plus four activists dressed as scientists carrying a mock monkey being tested on (real monkeys are tested on in the same way, horrifically enough).

Creativity is high with lots of different banners and placards with important messages on.




Chants such as 'No more torture, no more lies, every six seconds an animal dies' echoed the streets, as the marchers made sure they were noticed and heard.



The march route led everyone to Oxford University's animal testing laboratory, where long-time activist John Curtin and Dr. Victoria Martindale gave further speeches and contempt built up while thinking of those that inflict the cruelty to the animal victims inside.


And from there, we continued to walk through Oxford back to Oxpens Park, where we'd started the day. After the long march we then devoured food by Veggies and Green Garden Cafe, and stocked up on leaflets and merch before making our way back home.


It is a shame that the animals can't make their way back home. Back to a freedom they deserve. To a life like we have where they can find joy and contentment. Instead, they're caged, tortured and killed.

It's not science. It's sickening.

If you care about animals, visit and get involved.  




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