West Midlands Vegan Festival 2013 - Wolverhampton, October 26th, 2013

By Shari Black Velvet


On Saturday 26th October, 2013's West Midlands Vegan Festival took place at Wolverhampton's Civic and Wulfrun Hall. This year the event even spilled out onto the street. Opening at 10am by Neil Robinson, the world's first ever professional vegan football player, the festival featured an abundance of stalls selling everything you could wish to eat, drink or possess, as well as musical entertainment, talks, cookery demonstrations and more. We got to the festival quite late (blame my friend who was 2 1/2 hours late!) - and looking back could have really done with being there much earlier as we didn't even get around all of the stalls or see half of the entertainment, talks or demos. That said, below are a few photos of what we did catch. We came home with food, cosmetics and um... more food! Organised by Kevin White and Midlands Vegan Campaigns, the festival cost only £1 entrance fee, and with various free food and drink samples this attracted many vegans, vegetarians and interested meat eaters. The West Midlands Vegan Festival is a must-put date in your calendar, and THE event to go to in October. Kudos to Midlands Vegan Campaigns for a job well done and big ups to all the volunteers who gave their time to help out at the event.





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