World Day for Animals in Laboratories – April 28, 2012

By Shari Black Velvet


Every year a whopping 150 million+ animals are tortured in laboratories. Whether they're in Universities supposedly 'teaching' students, or purpose built research laboratories that are paid to test items for a living (be it cosmetics, floor cleaner or medication), animals such as dogs, monkeys, mice and rabbits are caged, purposely harmed and tormented to death in the supposed name of science. Most (almost all) of these tests do not produce accurate results. It is said that animal testing results are less effective than flipping a coin - yet scientists (or should that be scien-tits) are happy to continue these old-fashioned, out-of-date, useless tests for their own monetary gain. Every year, 20,000 people die in the UK from the side effects of medicine that had been approved from animal tests. We are killing humans AND animals, yet the government refuses to allow progress in medical research by allowing such out-dated cruelty and fraud to continue and not supporting humane research. There are a number of humane research methods that would prove much more effective yet government regulations still require animal testing. The number of animal tests (and consequently animal deaths) are still rising, rather than falling. Animals are NOT the same as humans and therefore should NOT be used to test products for human use. As Dr. Martindale asks during her speech, why are we progressing so much technology-wise in all other areas EXCEPT medical research?

2012's World Day for Animals in Laboratories took place in Birmingham on April 28th and saw a gathering of kind, caring and intelligent folk from all around the UK and elsewhere come together for this annual march and rally. The meeting place was Victoria Square. Speeches before and after the march were given by Dr. Andrew Knight, Lorna from SHAC, activists Jon White and Ronnie Lee, Dr. Adrian Stallwood of Animal Aid and Dr. Martindale while this year Leanne, a vegan poet, also read an anti-vivsection-inspired poem. Dean Bracher and members of Birmingham Animal Action helped organise this World Day march and rally.

The march kicked off around 1.30pm and saw everyone march down New Street, placards in hand, up the High Street, through Colmore Row, down Temple Row and back up New Street to Victoria Place. Although the length of the route was not huge, the benefits were still worthwhile with many shoppers witnessing and hearing the march, reading the placards, being given leaflets about animal testing and so on. The more people that come to realise that animal tests are a waste of time and money, the better.



Many people blindly do not realise how bad and ineffective animal tests are - and continue to donate to organisations that test on animals. We are still no nearer finding a cure for cancer - and while we continue to test on animals we never will be. Do you want to lose more friends and relatives from this and other diseases? If you want to save the lives of your family and friends, you also need to save the lives of animals and realise that progress will only be made when animal tests are abandoned and humane research such as computer models, stem cell research and other humane methods are promoted.

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