World Day for Animals in Laboratories – April 24, 2010

By Shari Black Velvet


The annual World Day for Animals in Laboratories took place on the gorgeously warm and sunny day of Saturday April 24th in London. Folk from around the country (and even some from abroad) met up at Cavendish Square near Oxford Circus around midday. Speeches kicked off around 1pm after everyone had gathered, chatted, checked out the merch stalls and bought vegan food. Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid, Amanda from SPEAK campaigns, Carrie from the Animal Protection Group, Debbie from SHAC, Jan Creamer, the chief executive of NAVS, Richard Deboo of Animals County and Luke Steel of Stop Animal Experiments At Bradford all gave quality speeches. The march itself began shortly after 1.30pm. The 1500+ crowd marched with placards, banners and leaflets in hand down Regents Street and other well known streets in the city, letting the city shoppers know what cruelty goes on in animal testing labs. The two-hour march wound up near Parliament Square before many activists then moved over to St. Pancras for a protest outside a proposed new animal testing laboratory. As usual the protest and march were both very peaceful yet effective. Various coach parties then returned home at 5.30pm while other attendees stayed around for an evening of entertainment and further speeches and discussions.










If you’re against animal testing, why not join the next national march and rally? Coaches travel from all around the country specially for these events. More info on World Day for Animals in Laboratories can be found at Oh and boycott companies and products that test on animals.

If you want to know more about animal testing and how and why it is ineffective – as well as horrifically cruel and torturous, visit, and





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