UK Veggie Pride - Birmingham May 16th, 2009


May 16th 2009 saw Birmingham host the first ever UK Veggie Pride. The main focus of the festival was in Victoria Square where many stalls were situated selling vegan items - clothing, hot and cold food and drinks, merchandise, beauty products, magazines and more. Various organisations such as The Vegan Society, friends Of The earth and Sea Shepherd were in town for the occasion. The table of events featured yoga demonstrations, musical performances, belly dancing, a clown as well as the main procession which kicked off around 1pm and headed down New Street towards the heart of the city. Sadly the rain started - although thankfully it stopped when the procession arrived back at Victoria Square a little later. The main day's events ended around 6pm although a Veggie Pride concert was put on in the evening featuring various vegan-friendly bands. A fun day was had by all - and the meat-free message was passed on to many.




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